The Lincoln Door Advantage

Lincoln Door is Connecticut's leading commercial door solutions provider. Lincoln Door has continually responded to the needs of the Connecticut business community by expanding its portfolio to encompass an ever increasing number of options for our customers. We presently offer repair, installation and preventative maintenance on all makes, models and door types.

Our portfolio includes:
• High Speed Door
• Pedestrian Entry Doors and Frames - including fire rated doors and frames
• Sectional Doors
• Rolling Steel Doors
• Coiling Grilles
• Fire Rated Rolling Steel Shutters and Service Doors
• Enlarging door opening to accommodate larger loads and vehicles

We also Service all types of dock equipment. Our portfolio includes:
• Dock Levelers - mechanical, hydraulic and air
• Dock Bumpers
• Dock Seals
• Dock Shelters
• Truck Restraints
• Safety Systems
• Dock Leveler Conversions: mechanical to hydraulic

Ask yourself - Are you getting the response you need and the quality you deserve from your current provider? if not, please call or email us to experience the Lincoln Door Advantage!