Lincoln Door is a Gold Dealer for Albany Door Systems,  the world's leading manufacturer of high speed doors  and high performance doors.

Albany provides high speed doors for a wide range of applications, including automotive dealerships, food and beverage manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical processing, clean rooms, transportation and transportation manufacturing. Albany high speed doors are also a leading choice for government buildings, car and truck washes, parking facilities and warehouse / distribution.

High speed doors manufactured by Albany and sold throughout our region by Lincoln Door offer 6 important advantages: safety, security, savings, productivity, reduced energy use, and enhanced material flow. Some of their more popular features are:

  • Integral photo cells
  • Built-in light grids
  • Opening speeds up to 130" per second
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Summer/winter panels
  • Galvanized steel panel sections with a urethane foam core and an R-value of 13.6
  • Explosion-proof components for NEMA 7 (dust) or NEMA 9 (vapor) applications
  • Remote monitoring
  • Full perimeter draft seals for dust and odor containment
  • NEMA 4X components for FDA applications
  • Full width vision area for maximum visibility
  • Safety devices that enhance the protection of people, products, and processes,
    and can be customized to each application
  • Door panels and mechanical parts are optimized to withstand accidental impact;
    a limited number of parts minimizes maintenance
  • Features that support LEED requirements for energy efficiency. Albany doors
    have high opening and closing speeds, and double-seal protection that prevents
    air leakage and limits air infiltration
  • A well-deserved reputation for being the world's toughest and sturdiest high speed doors.

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