Preventive Maintenance Programs:

This flexible program is customized to fit individual maintenance needs. The benefits of the program are designed to improve your industrial overhead door's operation and efficiency. Our Preventative Maintenance plan will also extend the service life of your equipment and minimize downtime and long-term repair expense. It includes priority scheduling for industrial overhead door service and reduced hourly rates. Please contact our office for more details at (860) 571-3630.

We are the region's maintenance and repair specialists for commercial overhead doors!

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Door service inspection of (overhead sectional, rolling steel, high speed & fire doors):

•Alignment and operation of doors and operators
•Loose hardware and tighten as needed
•Tracks, rollers, cables and springs for wear and/or damage
•Panels for damage
•All safety devices
•Lubricate springs, cables, tracks and rollers for proper operation
•Guides, slats, end caps, bottom bar, head plates, and barrel spring tension

Dock leveler service inspection of:

•Front & rear hinge lip spools and pins
•Toe guards
•Adjust main counterbalance
•Ramp control or hold down assembly
•Cross traffic/safety legs
•Release chains, lift arm, lift arm roller
•Lip extend mechanism, sub frame, and bumpers
•Stringers and front/rear headers
•Cylinders, linkage and welds
•Main springs
•Weather seals
•Dock level supports and pull chains
•Tighten all nuts and bolts
•Lubrication of all pivot points, pins and hinge tubes.
•Leveler to make sure it is working smoothly and can run through its full range, going both above and below dock.

Hydraulic leveler service inspection of:

•Hydraulic cylinders & hoses
•Hydraulic fittings
•Limit switches and switch arms
•Cylinder pivots
•Sub frame
•Fluid level in reservoir
•Valve block in motor/pump
•All electrical components

Dock seal components inspection of:

•Condition of fabric
•All fasteners/perimeter anchors
•All seams, wear pleats, and foam core
•Adjust any counterbalance, framework of pads, and overall bumper condition

Dock shelter components inspection of:

•Shelter framework
•Fiberglass panels or fabric wrap
•Fabric header curtain and fabric side panels
•Bottom enclosures
•Trim angles
•Tighten all fasteners and shelter frame protectors